Executive &
Professional Coach


My approach to life is defined by a maxim from the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus: “Character is destiny”. I believe that while a dream or vision is essential, it’s the sum total of a person’s values, traits, and worldview that influence the choices made, shaping destiny. I am passionately committed to helping people re-connect with their strengths and best self, allowing them to flourish: both at work and in life.


My approach to coaching is holistic and focuses on the client’s vertical development. I don’t draw distinctions between life and leadership coaching because I don’t accept that one can draw boundaries between the person and the professional. People bring their whole selves to work and life - and if they insist on treating them as separate, then that’s the first story I want to hear.


I walk the talk. After a successful corporate career spanning twenty years, I quit my job a few years back to enroll full time in a Masters program and learn about adult development, models of personality and leadership styles, and coaching models and skills. Concurrently, I enrolled in a year-long Integral Coach training program to also experience vertical development as a client.

I love stories. Stories allow me to bridge my own strengths of curiosity and empathy. Stories nourish me. I was an underweight kid. To rectify this, my mother started sitting next to me at meal times and telling a story that captivated me while I ate. As I’ve grown older, the medium may have changed but my love for stories has not. During my twenties for three consecutive years, I watched 500+ movies a year… And much like the protagonist of one of my favorite sitcoms, Frasier, I’ve found my vocation in listening to stories.   


Professional Experience

I have over twenty years of experience with top tier global organizations in banking and consulting, diversified across geographies, business and economic cycles, and functional areas.  

In my last assignment, I served as the National Loan Products Manager for a large U.S. bank based out of New York. I have considerable experience in projects involving complex team and group dynamics requiring collaboration. I have been a senior leadership team member and have served on a committee reporting to the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Functional Experience

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Risk Management

  • Product Development

  • Product Management

  • Cross-functional Project Management

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Organizational Development


Industry Experience (as Relationship Manager and Product Manager)

  • Healthcare

  • Professional Services

  • Technology

  • Financial Services

  • Real Estate

  • Consumer Goods

  • Textiles

  • Government Contracting

  • Chemical

  • Petroleum


Coaching Qualifications

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach (ACC) and member and am additionally certified for the following coaching designations:

  • New Ventures West Integral Coach (Professional Coaching Course)

  • Narrative Coach – Enhanced Practitioner

  • Life Orientations (LIFO)


Academic Background 

  • Master of Philosophy (M. Phil) in Organizational Dynamics - University of Pennsylvania – Concentration in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting - December 2019

  •  Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania – Concentration in Strategy and Marketing – May 2004. Academic Honors: Directors List (Top 10% of Class)

  •  Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Institute of Business Administration (IBA) University of Karachi – Concentration in Finance and Marketing - December 1991. Academic Honors: Marketing Gold Medal