Initially, I was very skeptical about Executive Coaching. I thought it would just be a reverberation of lessons in books on how to become a successful leader, establish executive presence, etc. While these books are indeed great, I figured I could just read them on my own without the need for a middle man. However, the depth and breadth of Atif’s Executive Coaching far surpassed any expectations I had or anything that was written in a book. I started Atif’s Executive Coaching at a time when I had very difficult career and life decisions to make. His excellent guidance, effective listening and communication skills, and ability to uncover even the deepest and most hidden roots of my thought patterns honestly changed both my professional and personal life. My confidence blossomed, I am able to stand up for and be true to myself in all scenarios, I can say “no” when I want, and I am able to see myself as a leader rather than only an expert (and know the difference between the two!). He also helped me to explore what I genuinely want for myself, and to set and abide by my own definitions of success and self-worth. Moreover, he equipped me with valuable tools, techniques and interventions for sustaining the changes I was striving to make (and he recommended some of those useful books as reinforcements). Overall, I am happier, more successful, and even more determined to achieve all of my goals. Atif is the very best Executive Coach I could have received. I highly recommend him for anyone who would like to advance in their current career or transition to another.
— Natalie R., Data Governance Manager
Atif was my executive coach during a difficult professional and personal transition. From his thorough initial plan through our 10+ fascinating sessions he maintained an effective balance between deeper psychological insights and more practical daily struggles and strategies. He opened my eyes to the underlying causes of some of my more chronic challenges allowing me the freedom of new perspective while nudging me toward developing new habits. Atif’s emphasis on action leading to results was a welcome contrast to my experience with the at times meandering qualities of traditional therapy.

I was able to realize my professional and personal goals through a solution that did not even occur to me when I started working with Atif. I credit him with helping me look at my entire life with fresh eyes which was at the core of this eventual solution. I highly recommend Atif Iqbal to my friends and colleagues. His gentle approach combined with a relentless push towards practical progress is something that, in my opinion, can greatly benefit anyone.
— R.C., Marketing Consultant
As I look back, Atif has had the knack to catch the unsaid and unexpressed. He was always able to identify the underlying beliefs and perspectives that drove me to be and show up a certain way. Often, we look to fix the outside rather than the inside which might be causing that experience. Atif is a master at picking that ‘seed’ within us that might be triggering the very experience we do not want and have been running away from.

So often Atif has been able to show me a mirror (a loving one) of where my own belief systems or concepts were limiting me from thriving and being fulfilled. I remember a recent coaching session which began like most innocuous conversations around how I was doing, and in a few minutes (not sure how) we were in the midst of talking about ‘power’ and my concepts of and relationship with power. That day, Atif helped me see, gently and lovingly, that my not having a healthy role model of power resulted in my conceding power which in turn would really frustrate me. This had been a pattern for years and just him throwing light on it helped me become aware of it – which itself is half the issue. The other half of the change happened through meditation.

For me, it is not Atif’s intuition or his skill or his insights that differentiate him from the rest, it is that he truly cares and comes from no other place but to help you get out of your own way so you can live your best Self. In our conversations: I have felt heard and understood, I have walked away feeling expanded and empowered, and I have learnt something about myself in the most loving context.

I do hope you have the opportunity to experience Atif like I did! And that you not only dare to dream but also live the best version of yourself.
— R.L., VP Strategy and Business Development
As my coach, Atif ‘s approach allowed me to grow and learn in my work and personal life in a way I could not have done on my own. He has the capacity to ask questions and explore ideas that helped me to navigate the problems and situations with which I was struggling or just exploring. His manner is easy going and he is an excellent listener. He is a lifelong learner, interested in the intersection of ideas and sees the person with whom he is working. I saw our work together as a partnership rather than feeling I was being coached, I looked forward to our sessions together and know that he will always be a resource of support for me.
— L.M. Wells, Consultant
After a tumultuous 50 odd years, I settled into a life where I had given up on myself and my own happiness. I had reconciled myself into being useful to those who I thought depended on me, out of an almost sacred belief of fulfilling my responsibility towards them, irrespective of its cost to me. ‘So be it’ was my mantra.

Atif, understood the story I was living and with the utmost sensitivity, helped me see that there has to be more to my life than just my responsibilities and helped me figure out what could be a route to my happiness.

Atif’s ability to listen is exceptionally acute as he, during our conversations, heard my feelings, not just my words. Through his amazing listening skills, and intuition, he was able to have me start the journey of discovering personal happiness

I am ever so grateful to him for this...it is a new journey on which i have embarked, with more than one purpose to live.
— K.A., Entrepreneur